The Butler Center for the Performing Arts​

The upper levels of the Pre Professional School are very excited to collaborate with two Pittsburgh Dance Companies, Bodiography and Reed Dance. Along with BCPA we will partner to produce 3 Concerts this year.  Two in Pittsburgh and one in Butler!


Core Curriculum                Electives

Ballet                               Stretch             Voice                    

Cecchetti Ballet                 Improv             Choir

Modern                             Nutrition            Acting

Jazz                                 Interview           Musical Theater

Tap                                                           Master Classes


Pre Professional Performance Schedule

Students are not required to participate in performances.

1.  Nutcracker, with a Twist

2.  DMP Scholarships

3.  Poinsettias for Patients

4.  BCPA School Show

5.  Dance Competition 

6.  High School Dance Festival

7..  Pre Pro Concert

The Pre Professional Program currently has five levels.  A student may remain in the same level  for 2 to 3 years.  A Student may split levels according to their education in the particular dance discipline. 

The Pre Professional Program at BCPA is designed to educate, challenge and inspire critical thinking. Classroom etiquette is  expected.  The students will understand why they are training to achieve meticulous skills, how to obtain the skills and where the particular skills  will lead.   Students are encouraged to drive their bodies by using their minds to reach the desired goal. The intent of the program is to identify a pathway to the next step in their career.   

Pre Professional School