BCPA – Weather Policy

 1.  If the Butler Area School District has suspended school due to inclement

     weather before 12:00 PM, check with BCPA after 1 PM for information    

     regarding BCPA evening classes.
2.  If The Butler Area School District has suspended school due to inclement

     weather after 12:00 PM, The BCPA School will be suspended for the evening.
3.  The BCPA Saturday weather related cancellations will be posted by 9:00 PM


BCPA - Withdrawal Policy

All course withdrawals must be down in writing.  Payment will be collected until written withdrawal is submitted.
There are no refunds/No Transfers.
If a student chooses to withdraw from a course, the parent/guardian is fiscally responsible for the entire monthly pay period.


BCPA – Missed Class Policy

Students are encouraged to make up all missed classes due to illness, personal issues or weather related issues.  They may do this by attending a class that their faculty member has suggested.

BCPA  -  Communications

1.  Call 724 – 283 -5182
2.  Email - info@bc4pa.org
3.  Facebook - BCPA
4.  www.info@bc4pa.org
5.  White boards located inside the studio – 122 West Penn Street

                                                             Butler / PA / 16001

WISR Radio – Weather Related
WPXI Television – Weather Related

*If the Parent/Guardian has any questions or cannot meet these obligations, please speak to the BCPA front desk attendant for guidance.                                                      

BCPA – Class Dress Policy

Girls- Children’s School                     

         Leotard – Plain                                                
         Tights – Ballet Pink, Suntan, Black, White      
          Pink Ballet Shoes, Tan Tap Shoes, Tan Jazz Shoes                      
          Acrobatics – Leotard, Tights, Bare Feet                                               
Young Men – Children’s School
            White Plain T Shirt
            Black Tights – Loose Sweat Pants
            Black Ballet Shoes, Black Tap Shoes, Black Jazz Shoes
           Acrobatics – T Shirt, Sweat Pants or Shorts, Bare Feet

 Pre Professional School - Same as Children’s School
            Ballet Skirts, Warm Ups at the discretion of the faculty
            Additional Shoes may be required (Character Shoes and Pointe Shoes)

           *Girls - Must wear supportive Bra                                                                        *Young Men – Must wear a Dance Belt


BCPA – Classroom Etiquette
1.  Parents are not permitted in studios without permission from the instructor.
2.  No cell phones are permitted turned on while class is in session.
3.  No photos or video recording of any type is permitted in the classroom by    

      student or parent/guardian.
4.  Students should go to the bathroom prior to class.
5.   Student’s should mark their shoes (on the inside) with their name.
6.   Student’s should bring all shoes into the dance room with them in their

      dance bag.
7.  Girls Hair should be in a bun unless the faculty has asked otherwise.
8.  Young Men’s Hair should be clean and out of the face.
9.  If a student is late he/she should warm up quietly outside of the studio and

     enter when able to fully participate in the class.
10. If a student needs to leave early, the student should make the teacher

      aware prior to class and not disturb the class as they exit.
11. Water is permitted in the studio.
12. No food or drink is permitted in the classroom.
13. Students and Parents are not permitted to use any photos or language

      concerning other students in the social media.
14. Students are not permitted to use alcohol or drugs of any kind on the

      BCPA premises.                                                                                 
15. BCPA reserves the rights to suspend any students for failure to adhering to

      the listed policies.

BCPA - Registration, Tuition and Payment Policies

  1  36  Week Course Structure/ Academic Year

       2  Week Cecchetti Workshop

       1 Week Princess Camps

       4  Week Dance Intensive - Forge, Young Professionals Workshop

 2.  Complete Registration Form
       20.00 Registration Fee

 3.   Course Cost
       1.5 Hour - $65.00
       1    Hour - $42.00
      ¾    Hour - $32.00
      ½    Hour - $23.00

  4,  Discounts
        2 Hours – 10% OFF 2nd Hour/ Only
        3 Hours and Up – 15% OFF 3rd Hour and Up Per/Class not   

                                     including 1/2 hour and 3/4 hour courses.
1 HOUR -  BALLET           $40.00
1 HOUR -  TAP                  $37.80 (10% OFF FOR SECOND HOUR)
1 HOUR -  JAZZ                $35.70 (15% OFF FOR THIRD HOUR AND UP
1 HOUR – MODERN         $35.70  (15% OFF FOR THIRD HOUR AND UP)


 * If the Parent/Guardian has any questions or cannot meet these obligations, please speak to the BCPA front desk attendant for guidance.           

BCPA ​Policies

​​BCPA Competition Policy

1.  All BCPA Students are welcome to audition for competition groups/trios/duets/solos

     Competition eligibility states the student must be seven years of age by June 1 of the

     following year of audition.

2.  All BCPA Students must audition every year.

3.  All BCPA Competition Students must demonstrate exemplary technical skills,

     classroom skills, attendance and peer leadership skills.
4.  All BCPA Competition Students must be enrolled in Ballet, Tap, Jazz.  Pointe, Modern

     for Level Pre Pro Level 3 and above.

5.  All BCPA, Competition Fees, Course Fees, and Costume Fees must be paid on time. 

     These fees are Non Refundable / Non Transferable
6.  Competition dances range in dance discipline, musical choice and difficulty of

     movement.  BCPA believes that education should be the emphasis of the competition

     dance coupled with performance skills
7.   The BCPA Faculty reserves the right to dismiss a student from competition for any

      infraction of the rules.
 8.  All BCPA Students are required to attend the Summer Dance Intensive


BCPA Costume Policy - Show /Competition

1.   BCPA will continue to pursue low cost dancewear that can be worn for classroom

       work BCPA requires a deposit of ½ of the total costume price before ordering.

 2.  Deadline dates will be posted.
3.  All Checks payable to Jenna Molczan
4.  Credit and Debit Cards are accepted.
5.  BCPA requires that the costumes be paid in full prior to receipt of the costume.
6.  All monetary transactions are non refundable/non transferable
7. Nutcracker Costumes Must be ordered by October 1

8. School Show and Competition Costumes must be ordered by the first

    Friday of January

​​BCPA – Level Placement Policy

Children’s School
1.   Students Placement will be determined by the Principal and BCPA faculty.
2.   Students are first placed in courses based on age.
3.  A Student who is progressing at a fast rate may be moved during the course of    

     the year.                                         
4. A Student who is not meeting the standards of the class may be moved during the course

    of the year.

 Pre Professional School

1. Student’s Placement will be determined by the Principal and BCPA faculty
2. Student’s placement is based on quality of movement musicality, attendance, the ability to

    comprehend and apply theory and work ethic.
3. Student who is progressing at a fast rate may be moved  during the course of the year
4. Student who is not meeting the standards of the class may be moved during the course of

    the year.                                      
5. Student may be placed in multiple levels to ensure their safety and proper education.

 * If the Parent/Guardian has any questions or cannot meet these obligations please to speak to the BCPA front desk attendant for guidance

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