The Butler Center for the Performing Arts​

The Children's School Performance Experience

Students are not required but may participate in:

1.  The Nutcracker, with a Twist

2.  Poinsettias for Patients

3.  The Children,s School Show - specifically

    designed for their age group.  

4.  Competition Groups

Costumes are kept to a minimum and can be utilized in the classroom as dancewear.

The Children's School at the Butler Center for the Performing Arts has been in development over  58 years, always adjusting to meet the demands of today's child.  Students begin at the age of 3.

The curriculum has been developed, tested and is nationally recognized.  As the BCPA instructor introduces the basic elements of Ballet / Tap / Jazz / Acrobatics they also develop Right Side, Left Side, Forward - Back and gross motor skills.  They are careful not to over stretch the child so that they do not interfere with the child's skeletal development.  

All faculty are certified to teach and have many years of experience.  BCPA wants every child to have a good time in a clean, safe environment.

Children's School